A transformative experience for your face, skin and body

A unique blend of cosmetic treatments and regenerative therapies
Medical Aesthetics
We assess your skin and body, analyse and identify key problems of your cosmetic concerns and offer personalised restorative approach and treatment formulas to secure the long lasting visible aesthetic outcomes.
Body & Skin treatments
We help clients to form individual regenerative programs and outline the organic, streamlined and results-driven path towards flawless skin and body.
Our Checkups
& Supplements
We focus on emphasising the connection between visible ageing and wellness, and treat internal body imbalances for aesthetic concerns.
Our Mission
We focus on a human organism as whole and aim not only to solve aesthetic issues, but delay the body ageing process.


We work closely with the medical community to help research and develop new preventive medicine products.

Litte Life Lab

Our own lab that produces and provides best-in-class, test-based, scientifically proven nutritional supplements

Center of Medical Genetics & Primary Health

Molecular Genetic Laboratory & high-profile clinical and molecular, biochemical and immunological diagnostic services

Clinic of Dr. Kalinchenko

Clinic for hormonal health and longevity