Who we are

Litte was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing Innovative Medical Aesthetic practices. From this goal, within the years we have developed a unique blend of cosmetic treatments and regenerative therapies that is a hallmark of our company.  

Litte is composed of high class doctors, nurses, and management team that is engaged in constant researching, studying, testing, developing and integrating solutions to improve not just client’s aesthetic issues but the quality of life itself.  

Our doctors hold advanced degrees and diplomas in their disciplines and on average, have been with the company for over 19 years!

We focus on emphasising the connection between visible ageing and wellness, and treat internal body imbalances for aesthetic concerns.

Working closely with our clients we specialise in custom-designed medical aesthetic procedures and regenerative programs according to client’s individual cosmetic and health enhancement goals and desires.


What we do

We assess your skin and body, analyse and identify key problems of your cosmetic concerns and offer personalised restorative approach and treatment formulas to secure the long lasting visible aesthetic outcomes.

Besides medical aesthetic practices, we help clients to form individual regenerative programs and outline the organic, streamlined and results-driven path towards flawless skin and body.  


Who we serve

We serve clients seeking to discover their individual characteristics and improve the quality of life.  

Whether our clients have a single concern towards a minor wrinkle or larger issues concerning their body or skin, we focus on a human organism as a whole and offer solutions to restore or improve the appearance, functioning and well-being with medical treatments oriented for all kind of aesthetic concerns & ageing processes.